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Certified appraiser of real estate

The qualification of persons, that practise in Germany the profession of the appraisal of real estate, improved or unimproved land, leasehold rights and other rights or encumbrances on land is rather variable. And the profession also has manifold designations, such as expert, valuer, assessor, appraiser, estimator, evaluator. There is no legal definition available for those designations. Nevertheless jurisdiction has clarified that only those persons may use the name «expert appraiser» who are able to perform their profession with the essential expertise, who possess a thoroughly founded and exceedingly practical knowledge of the real property market and who were able to prove the evidence of their expertise.

One way to obtain the essential expertise, needed by expert appraisers of real property, is further education in private schools or in universities for applied science and technology. Presupposed is a completed pre-study in one of the appropriate professions, such as economics, engineering, surveying, realtor, real estate financing, etc. followed by sufficient years of practical experience in the real estate market. Those persons, who are able to pass the final tests, receive the title «certified appraiser of real estate, rights and encumbrances on land and property». This certification is executed under the international standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024 by a certification body, that has been accredited by the German accreditation council TAR. The requirement on quality and expertise is higher than that which is compulsory for the German proof of independency, objectivity and trustworthiness by those persons publicly appointed and sworn in by the Chamber of Commerce.

Parallel to the proof of expertise as described before, a further quality securing system was established in Germany, called «publicly appointed and sworn in by the Chamber of Commerce», only known in Germany.

Rolf Schubert, the founder of our service company, is both publicly appointed and sworn in as well as certified according to the international standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024 and has long term experience and exceedingly practical knowledge of the real property market. He also follows the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). His expertise is well accepted by homeowners, banks, insurance companies, tax offices, landlords, etc. He is mandated by local courts and as arbitrator in cases of divorce and succession.

Mr. Schubert continues to keep his knowledge up-to-date. He has joined the Appraisal Institute of Real Estate, Chicago, Ill., to broaden his international view. According to international, European and German standards, he is subject to be re-certified and re-appointed every three to five years. Thus his knowledge is proven to be up-to-date.